Chinese Aluminum Rolling Investment Is Extremely Popular

Feb 25, 2020

In the history of the development of aluminum processing in China, the aluminum strip industry was the earliest and the slowest developing industry. According to the statistics of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the production capacity and output of aluminum strips in 2001 were only 952,000 tons / year and 610,000 tons, reaching 5.23 million tons / year and 4.19 million tons respectively in 2009.

From the perspective of the development of aluminum processing in China in the past 30 years, extruded aluminum profiles are the first large-scale rapid development of aluminum processing. This is related to the era of China ’s reform and opening up and economic construction. From aluminum profiles for construction to Industrial aluminum profiles, from extruded plain profiles to surface-treated aluminum profiles, from small extruders to 10,000-ton extruders, have made one breakthrough after another. In 2010, the output of aluminum extrusion profiles in China exceeded 10 million tons, accounting for half of the international market.

The second fast-growing large variety of aluminum processing is aluminum foil. To some extent, aluminum foil should be a deep-processed product of aluminum strip. The large-scale production of aluminum foil in China should be traced back to the modern professional production of North China Aluminum Co., Ltd. in 1983. From 2005 to 2007, China's aluminum foil industry investment was in its heyday. During the period, 23 modern wide-scale 2000mm aluminum foil rolling mills were launched, and most of them were imported from Ashenbach, Germany, a world-famous cutting-edge aluminum foil rolling mill manufacturer.

Installed level and capacity scale. By 2010, China's aluminum foil production has reached about 2 million tons. Like extruded aluminum profiles, it also occupies more than 50% of the international market. Some people in the industry say that the current competition in the international aluminum foil market is actually that of Chinese aluminum foil manufacturers. This competition is not an exaggeration.