The surface treatment process of the aluminum buckle plate is fully connected and untouched

May 04, 2020

It is made by spraying colored paint on the surface of aluminum plate and drying it. The color distribution of the good sprayed board is even, and the color of the poor board will be corrugated when viewed from the side. The spray paint is mostly matte, and the folding edge has two types: right angle and chamfer (the chamfer is the kind of "V" shape at the joint of the board). The sprayed board must be dried so that the paint film is firm. At present, this craft board is basically not used in home improvement, and most of it will be used in large-scale factory decoration. Because the relative price is very cheap, many manufacturers still attract consumers with low prices.

Sprayed board surface treatment process is as follows:

Semi-finished products-degreasing-cleaning-chromization-drying (cool drying)-electrostatic powder spraying-curing, cooling-next parts and inspection-packaging and storage.

The good sprayed board is passivated before spraying on the surface. Cross any part of the surface with a sharp blade to draw a small 1MM * 1MM grid, and tear it off with a medical tape.