Comparison of the disadvantages of magnesium and aluminum

May 01, 2020

1. Compared with aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting production has a higher residual scrap rate (compared to aluminum die casting scrap output rate).

2. The investment in production equipment for magnesium die-casting is high. Compared with aluminum gravity / low pressure / nitric mold and other processes, magnesium die casting machine is very expensive (because it requires a higher clamping force and filling injection speed), of course, its productivity is 4 times the former.

3. Magnesium die casting requires higher trial cost and longer trial production time, while steel parts (manufacturing using simple welding techniques are processed according to drawings) or plastic parts (low-cost prototype tooling) are much simpler.

4. Compared with aluminum low pressure or metal mold casting, magnesium die casting requires higher mold cost. Because the die-casting mold is large and complex, it also has to withstand high clamping force (of course, high productivity can also reduce the cost of a single product).

5. Compared with aluminum die casting, the burn loss rate of magnesium die casting is 50K higher, that is, 4% to 2% (because of the higher surface activity of magnesium).

6. Recovery cost of magnesium die-casting chips. Higher than aluminum, dry magnesium flakes are not easy to recycle, wet ones are even more difficult, and must be very careful to prevent fire.