Application of aluminum 2

Apr 10, 2020

Due to its excellent performance, aluminum is widely used in various industries of the national economy and defense industry. Aluminum is a light-weight structural material with light weight and high strength. Various means of delivery in sea, land, and air, especially aircraft, missiles, rockets, artificial earth satellites, etc., use a large amount of aluminum. The amount of aluminum used in a supersonic aircraft It accounts for 70% of its own weight. One missile uses more than 10% of its total weight; various vehicles made of aluminum and aluminum alloys can reduce energy consumption, and the energy saved is far beyond that of aluminum smelting. Energy consumed; aluminum doors and windows and structural materials for houses in the construction industry; aluminum transmission ranks first in power transmission, and 90% of high-voltage electric wires are made of aluminum in the food industry, from storage tanks to cans, Most beverage containers are made of aluminum; aluminum powder can be used as a reducing agent for refractory metals (such as molybdenum, etc.) and as a deoxidizer in steel making. The pots and basins used in daily life are mostly made of aluminum.

Aluminum compounds such as aluminum hydroxide can be used to prepare aluminum salts, adsorbents, mordants, and ion exchangers, and can also be used as raw materials for enamels, refractory materials, etc., which can neutralize gastric acid and treat ulcers in medicine; anhydrous chlorination Aluminum is a commonly used catalyst in the petroleum industry and organic synthesis; aluminum chloride hexahydrate can be used to prepare deodorants and safe disinfectants; sodium hexafluoroaluminate (ie cryolite) is often used as an insecticide in agriculture; aluminum phosphide In the presence of moisture or acid, it can emit highly toxic phosphine gas, which can poison pests. It is used as a fumigant for insecticides in barns in agriculture; aluminum silicate is often used to make glass, ceramics, paint pigments, and paint, rubber, and plastics. filler. In recent years, people have developed some new aluminum-containing compounds, such as aluminum oxide used as a wear-resistant layer of composite wood floors, as well as alkyl aluminum, nano-alumina and so on. With the development of science, people will use aluminum and compounds more and better for the benefit of mankind.