Sioseh-Pol Bridge


The Siose-Pol bridge

It's name means "the 33 bridges" and  also called the Allah-Verdi Khan bridge, is built on the "Zayandeh Roud" River in Isfahan. It was constructed by the finance and the inspection of Allahverdi Khan, the famous chancellor of King Abbas I; and it is a masterpiece of that time. Other names for the bridge include "Thirty-three bridges", "The Bridge of 33 Springs", "The Bridge of Chaharbagh", "Jolfa Bridge" and finally .Zayandeh Roud River Bridge

As it was said by Sheikh Ali Naqi Kamare'ee, the poet at the time of King Abbas, in a poem; the bridge was built in 1005 AD. This year is the same time when the unique street, Chahar Bagh was also being made. It is the longest bridge on Zayandeh Roud River, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide.

In the Safavid period, the celebration of watershed or water spray (Abrizan) was held across this bridge. In European travelers accounts of that time, there are some references to this celebrations. Jolfa Armenians held the Epiphany Ceremony around this bridge. In the past, this bridge had forty springs; but now there are just thirty-three springs. This masterpiece was registered as one of the national works of Iran with registration number 110 on 5 Dey of 1310 (6 January 1932)

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