Khaju Bridge


Kingi Bridge

This bridge also is called "Kingi Bridge", "Baba Roknodin", "Shiraz" and "Hassan Abad" which belongs to the time of Safavid King Abbas II; it was built in 1060 AD. Khaju Bridge has 24 arches and is 133 metres long and 12 metres wide. The pass way of the bridge is 7.5 meters wide, made of bricks and stones with 21 larger and 26 smaller inlet and outlet channels.

As it was said there are some other name for this bridge. It is also called Baba Roknodin because it is located on the way of Baba Roknodin’s tomb, the famous mystic. It is called Hassan Abad because it was started to be constructed at the time of Hassan Beik Turkoman. It is also called Shiraz because in that time, travelers form Shiraz passed on it; and finally it was called Khaju bridge because it located in Khaju neighborhood.

King Abbas II around 1650, on the foundations of an older bridge which has foundation at the end of Timurid times. There is a special building made or a temporary stay of the Safavid king and his family (it is called Beiger Beiki). All their ceiling are decorated with painting. The name of Khaju bridge was adopted from the title used for elders in Safavid era.

This bridge is located at the extreme east of Kamal Esma’il Street and the extreme south of Khaju Street. As archaeologists discovered the bridge was built on the foundations of an older bridge damaged at that time. About the building of the bridge, the founder of the building and the quality of it, the different words were written; but the most appropriate is the one said by the author of "the history of historical buildings of Isfahan"; hence, without any change, it is quoted. The beautiful and historical Khaju Bridge is located at the extreme east of Kamal Esma’il Street and the extreme south of Khaju Street which lead to Takht-e Foulad (a historical cemetery in Isfahan) and the rroad to Yazd. The bridge has been built on the ruins of HasanBayk Bridge by king Abas II in the (1065 AD).

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