Jolfa Urban of Isfahan

Jolfa Quarter of Isfahan

Jolfa, the Armenian quarter of Isfahan,

is a most famous  urban neighborhood in Iran. It is very  beautiful place. It is in the south of the historic city of Isfahan.

It is the Armenian quarter of Isfahan which has very beautiful old houses and interesting churches. Although the context of this area has changed a lot; but still, there are some buildings reminders of the historical grandeur of this quarter of Isfahan. It is of old and Armenian quarter of the city.

 that building was started in the time of King Abbas; and it was developed during the reign of King Abbas II

More than 1,200 historical objects of Armenians are kept at the Museum of Jolfa in this quarter. The most important historical and religious center of this quarter are Vank Cathedral and Bethlehem church. Christians from Isfahan have been living in Isfahan from very old time. Most of them are Armenians which at the time of the Great King Abbas, immigrated from Jolfa located on the bank of the Aras River in the year 1014 AH and stayed along the south bank of the river Zayandeh River.

In memory of their former homeland, they named their new place of residence, Jolfa.

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