Jame Mosque of Isfahan


Jameh mosque or Jomeh mosque 

is the most important and oldest religious buildings in Iran. Archaeological research show that perhaps it would have been an important religious center of the city before the Arab domination over the city; and it was used as the fire-temple in Isfahan. The discovery of a column, with the decorations from Sassanid era, in the northern region of the mosque confirmed the fact that it belongs to the pre-Islamic time. There are various opinion on the history of the mosque; but it seems that the Jameh Mosque was built in the early centuries AD, and at the time of the Abbasids; and  its alter was destroyed in the third century AD; and its direction was corrected.

The interesting point is that the architecture of the mosque in various sectors was formed during the nearly two thousand years; during these years, which has been constantly refurbished and restored; the last time that it was reconstructed was the sector destroyed by bombing from Iraqi aircraft during the eight year Iran-Iraq war. The most important development projects was done during the Safavid and Buwayhid time.

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