Atashgah Mountain


The Atashgah mount (fire temple) 

is of historical building in Isfahan and one of the monuments of Ancient Persia. This complex has a long historical background; it has been useful at various times. It located on a hill of the same name near Zayandeh Roud River about eight kilometers west of city center at Atashgah Boulevard.

On the hill, which rises about 210 meters above the surrounding plain, the miles of all the sides can easily be seen. It is the oldest monument of Isfahan, more than 7000 years old. Construction of the complex is a brick layer. Between two rows of bricks is a thin layer of straw (brought from the river) to add strength to it. There are large and brick foundations from the middle of the building; they convert to sturdy and reliable columns at the top; in the past, there were also some rooms on them. In some places, there are the remains of the regular stairs carved in the rock which find the way to the top; but now they are destroyed.

At the top of the hill, circular building was made which can be considered as the final point of this architecture. There is no higher building except that on the hill. This room has eight corners and in every corner of a window to the outside. It is believed that Zoroastrian priests put the Holy Fire in this room. It has four rooms and buildings on the four side of the hill which goes to the fire room. Of course, just the structures of the northern and eastern part of the area remain intact. It seems that these structures belongs to Phlavi time. On some of the

molds used in the northern part of the structure, the number 1352 can be seen that they were embedded in molds.

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