Ali Qapu Palace


The Ali Qapu palace

was built by order of King Abbas in the early 11th century AD. Safavid kings received ambassadors and high personalities in the palace. The Palace has 5 floors, each floor has its own decoration. At the time of King Abbas II, some parts were added to the main building. The king and his guest watched landscapes, golf, lights, fireworks and public plays from the hall of this palace.

This palace is also called "Dolat Khaneh Mobarakeh Naghshe Jahan", "Ghasre Dolat Khaneh" and "Talar Ali Makan" a unique example of architecture of the Safavid palaces. Artistic miniature by Reza Abbasnai the court painter of King Abbas I, paintings of flowers and plants, foliage, forms, animal and birds, and beautiful plaster were drawn on the ceiling and wall in the form of cups and glasses of wine.


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