Ali Gholi Agha Hamam

The Ali Gholi Agha hammam( ALI Gholi Agha bathroom)

 is a historical Bathroom in the Bidabad area of Isfahan, Iran. The Bathroom was built in 1713 by Ali Gholi Agha, who was a courtier of two Safavid kings Suleiman I and Sultan Husayn. Its architectural style is Isfahani and it was built in the late Safavid era. The structure consists of one large Bathroom and a small Bathroom and also a pothold. Each of these Bathrooms consists of a dressing room and a Garmkhaneh (Hot House), Men and women were used separately from the bathroom. At Now the bathroom has become a museum that tourists can visit.

Ali Gholi Agha and his brother Khosro Agha, who built Khosro Agha hammam, were two well-known benefactors in that time

Ali gholi agha bathroom


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