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With good health for all employees.
Date of Posting: Sunday, 22 May 2016
Posted By: Katty
With many thanks to the staff at the Tourist Hotel. All the services were appropriate.
Date of Posting: Saturday, 23 May 2015
Posted By: Jim
Breakfast service was excellent.
Date of Posting: Saturday, 16 May 2015
Posted By: Emma
Was excellent and flawless.
Date of Posting: Sunday, 10 May 2015
Posted By: Carollina
Thank you for services and hope to be more successful every day and give customers better service and a more complete.
Date of Posting: Tuesday, 05 May 2015
Posted By: Shahbaz
I am glad of my choice. The hotel was very nice and the staff Ntaft, the service was great.
Date of Posting: Friday, 10 April 2015
Posted By: Leo
The hotel has fantastic access to Monuments. The newly renovated and they were clean and in good condition.
Date of Posting: Tuesday, 03 March 2015
Posted By: Paola
Wishing you health, prosperity and success in all phases of life and work.
Date of Posting: Wednesday, 07 January 2015
Posted By: Noruzi

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